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Loroco Pupuseria & Salvadorian Kitchen specializes in cooking delicious dishes from El Salvador, including pupusas, tamales, plantains, and more. We offer delivery via DoorDash, uberEATS, and Amazon Prime for breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering.
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Welcome to Loroco Pupuseria & Salvadorian Kitchen

Our mission is to create the most delicious & nutritious Salvadorian dishes for you to enjoy in the San Jose South Bay Area. Our pupusa and dish recipes have been handed down for generations, and we source the highest quality ingredients obtainable to build fresh flavors that will comfort your hungry tummy.


About Salvadorian Cuisine.

If this is a new style of food to you, we’d love to tell you about a few of the staple ingredients and foods to serve as your introduction to this delicious cuisine.


Native to many Central American countries, the Loroco plant is a woody vine that produces edible flowers commonly used in Salvadorian cuisine.  With flavors falling between broccoli and squash with nutty overtones, it is a very popular and nutritious ingredient for many staple dishes, i.e. pupusas.


Not to be confused with fried pork rind (which is also known as chicharrón in some other countries), in El Salvador, chicharrón is cooked pork meat ground to a paste consistency with unique spices and commonly used as a filling in pupusas.


A traditional Salvadorian dish, the pupusa is a thick, handmade tortilla made from cornmeal or rice flour, often with a variety of fillings.  Some of the more popular filling options are: beans, loroco, chicharrón or revuelta (beans, cheese and chicharrón) and served with curtido (pickled cabbage).

Platano (Plantain)

Similar to the banana common in the US, the plantain has less sugar and is treated in much the same way as potatoes with a similar neutral flavor and texture. We prepare the plantain by frying it whole or mashed, to be served alone (often sweet) or as a component to our savory dishes.

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Menu Highlights

Featuring our signature breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes available for delivery.


A staple of Salvadorian cuisine, this homemade tortilla is filled with a savory option of your choice. Traditional options include: beans & cheese, loroco & cheese, chicharrón (ground pork), or revuelta (chicharrón, beans, and cheese), served w/curtido (pickled cabbage) and light tomato sauce.

Pollo Guisado

Comfort food at its best, this traditional chicken stew comes with carrots & potatoes in a hearty broth served atop our homemade Salvadorian rice.

Tamale & Platano Frito

Common breakfast dishes in El Salvador are the sweet corn tamal with sour cream, chicken tamale, and fried plantain served with condensed milk or sour cream. (We like them any time of day.)

Bistec Salvadoreño

Meat & potato fans love this sautéed top round beef with tomatoes, onions & bell peppers with a light tomato sauce and Salvadorian rice.

Caldo de Gallina

For some time this dish was available as a special only, but it became so popular that we decided to add it to our menu. It’s a traditional chicken soup with an array of delicious vegetables and a side of grilled chicken.

Yuca Frita

A starchy root vegetable, the fried yuca is a great balance to the crispy & savory chicharrón, served with homemade tomato sauce and fresh cabbage garnish.


Breakfast de Salvadoreño

This dish is as traditional in El Salvador as bacon and eggs in America. We have scrambled eggs with peppers, tomato, & onions, fried plantain, black beans, and Salvadorian cream.


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If you have a catering request, please contact us below.

Meet The Chef

Q&A with Chef Ruth discussing her approach to cooking, Salvadorian food here and back home, her favorite dishes, and her vision for the future of Loroco.

What are the most popular foods in your hometown of Ilobasco?

The most popular? Pupusas. They are many small restaurants that sell pupusas, sometimes many next to each other like at [the] flea market here in San Jose.

Meet Chef Ruth

Do you have a favorite?

Revueltas. It’s pupusa filled with chicharrón, beans, and cheese. I like this one because there’s more in it so the taste is more interesting. In El Salvador, I would eat it with hot chocolate.

As a Salvadorian restaurant, there are ingredients used in your dishes that are not common here in the States. Where do you source your ingredients?

Many are not easy to get here, like plantains, plantain leaf for tamales, yuca, and loroco.I use a company that supplies for Latin restaurants and from specialty stores. If I can’t find good ingredients for a dish, I try to recreate it with better quality ingredients from here to make the traditional flavor. If I can’t, then I don’t make it.

Are you selective about the flavor and quality of the ingredients you use in your dishes?

Yes. In El Salvador, we are very picky about the flavor and quality of the ingredients in our food.

Does that mean that you prepare everything from scratch?

Yes. We make everything here, like the sauces, beans, chicharrón, the dough for pupusas – everything except flour and corn tortillas for tacos and burritos.

You’re a Salvadorian restaurant, but also serve a limited selection of Mexican dishes. What are some of the main differences between the two?

Spicy[ness]. In Mexican food, I sometimes taste only the spicyness, salt, and pepper. In Salvadorian food, we use many spices to marinate our meat and in the cooking to create a lot of flavor.

Before we started, you were telling me about how you are working on increasing your menu offering. What’s the next dish you’re planning to introduce?

Panes Relleños I really like. It’s pollo guisado served in bread…like a sandwich.

Chef Ruth making pupusas

What are your most popular dishes?

Pupusas are the most popular. People order them for lunch and dinner, but also for catering for larger groups. Another is a traditional chicken stew called pollo guisado. It has a great flavor.

Your location is pretty small with limited seating. What other services do you provide to get food to your customers?

Yes, it’s a small space, so we let all our customers know they can have their orders delivered. We also do a lot of catering for businesses and private events. So we do what we can to get Loroco to our customers wherever they are.


PHONE: 408-600-9061

HOURS: Sun 8am – 5pm • Mon – Wed 8am – 8pm • Thurs – Sat 8am – 10pm

If you have any additional question about our dishes or would like to inquire about our catering services, we’d love to talk to you!

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